Car Lease

You have probably heard of people owning cars on lease nowadays. Well, for your information, it turns out that it is one of the cheapest ways of owning a car these days. Leasing deals are majorly car rental plans that allow you to have the vehicle for a given period of contract. The leasing agreement involves a considerable monthly payment that is affordable. The low fee is one of the reasons people prefer it to pay large deposits when buying a car. Owning your first car is never an easy thing. One of the hardest parts in owning a vehicle is keeping the vehicle in good condition. It requires regular maintenance service after a given mileage. Including the maintenance services like propshaft services in your bills can lead to unprecedented inconveniences financially.

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However, car lease deals have a maintenance package that can take care of repairs and services during the contract period.

Types of Car lease

There are only two types of leases.

Open-end lease

Closed-end lease

The Open-end contracts involve the lessee having the responsibility of taking care of the value difference that results between the estimated lease-end value and the actual market value. It is a risk that the lessee has to take at the end of the contract. It becomes a risk when the market value of the car is dropping or if the mileage you covered with the vehicle exceeds the expected value. An open-end lease is generally associated with commercial businesses.

Closed-end leases, on the other hand, are standard among consumers. In Closed-end lease, you only have one option at the end of the contract, and that is returning the car. The only bills you can take care of at the end are excess mileages and repair services.

Importance of Car lease deals

Absence or low maintenance cost. As explained before, car leasing offers a package that saves you the worry of maintenance cost. Taking the car for servicing, for instance in propshaft services, will interfere with your monthly bills. Therefore, the best alternative is to include maintenance cost in the lease agreement.

Low monthly payments. It is so far the most enjoyable advantage that car leasing has over buying a car. Car leasing requires monthly payments are approximately 50% lower than the cost of purchasing the vehicle. It allows you to enjoy the ride of a vehicle that you can never afford in your entire life.

Availability of various choices of cars. Leasing deals allows you to own a car for 2 to 3 years. With that period of the contract, you are allowed to choose the type of car of your preference, and within that time, the vehicle will still be in good condition.

The leasing company saves you the stress of selling a used car. At the end of the contract, you have to take back the vehicle to the company no matter how much value it lost during the contract period.


To avoid the stress involved in owning a car until the time it starts losing its value, you can instead go for car leasing deals. Car leasing deals is the best of the local leasing deals you should exploit these days.